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Transparency Policy

The fashion industry is continually criticized for lacking clarity in regard to their sustainable, ethical, and social practices. As the smoke begins to clear, the industry is scrambling to meet the demand.

As consumer expectations shift toward a desire for brands to be held accountable, we want to set the record early on. We see transparency as fundamental to our business practices and brand identity.

Here are a few examples:

Why is there only an offering of a few “limited-release” styles and quantities?

  • Limited and small quantities reduce excess back-end stock and potential waste.

 Why is there never a sale or promotion on the Upper District site?

  • We seek to raise awareness about wasteful over-consumption and want to avoid contributing to the problem.

As we grow and evolve, we aim to continually develop our transparency policy to track all of our products through the entire supply chain and provide our customers with an overall picture of our sourcing origins, logistics, impacts, and ethical requirements regarding labor, environmental, and social expectations.

We are also currently developing our Upper District Corporate Biodiversity Strategy. Our strategy outlines our driving motivators which include: operational motivations and dependencies, reputational drivers, synergies in corporate sustainability, and evolving regulations and policies. Our framework goals are highlighted and emphasized. Our impacts and dependencies are recognized, both directly and indirectly. And our actions include avoiding, minimizing, restoring, and offsetting. 

Please note that this policy acts as a living document and is subject to change as we grow and move forward within our development.

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